Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jackalope Show Report

Stage 84 was amazingly difficult to get to. But with the combined effort of my and Jon's phone-gps' we managed to triumph over the winding South Florida highways.

The Jackalope Show was intended for S. Florida artists in general, but from what I understand, the majority included Art Institute students, teachers and alumni. Not surprising, considering that the mascot of the Ai illustration department is the Jackalope. It was interesting to see all of the different ways the artists interpreted the theme. I know how I personally would have done an entire show about Jackalopes so it sort of opened my mind as to how other people see the subject matter. I picture the Jackalope as a real animal. It's own species with variation, bound by the laws of nature. But to my fellow artists it was a symbol of imagination, chaos, spirituality, humor, nonsense, sexuality and artistic expression. The art certainly wasn't lacking in variety. :)

I'm told that The Jackalope Show will remain up till near the end of December. All but a couple of the pieces are for sale. *hint hint* So, if you can find the time to go, it's worth the drive! ...just bring a GPS.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Prehistoric Jackalope: Part II

Here he is, all painted up and ready to go.

This little guy appears to be a smaller, stockier relative of the modern Pronghorn Jackalope of the North American plains. The species is new to the fossil record, so no further information is available at this time. He will be on display at the Jackalope Show.

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