Thursday, February 3, 2011


I recently flew up to Savannah, GA to visit my best friend for her birthday. And thanks to procrastination and World of Warcraft I stayed up all night packing before my flight and went sleep deprived the whole first day of visiting.

Amazingly enough, I discovered that the secret to productivity is simply "not to sleep." And here I thought artists lost sleep because they were too busy being creative. It's actually the other way around. Silly me. ^^

So here's one of the things I scribbled out in my sketch book while chilling in the costume department at SCAD. 

This is a redesign of my character Copernicus. He was the second character I ever made and needed an overhaul from his early Pokemon-influenced design. His body structure is mostly based off of a goat.


Hannah JS Davis said...

Too bad I didn't know you were in Savannah, I'd have been happy to hang out and say hello D:

Hannah JS Davis said...
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