Friday, September 16, 2011

Evil Queen

A bit of Megamind fanart that I started sketching during slow times at Dragon*Con. Tried to emulate the strange proportions of Dreamworks' style here. Don't know how successful I was, but her curvy lady hips were a lot of fun to draw. :3

Roxanne Ritchi is from Megamind, by Dreamworks Entertainment. If you haven't seen it, RENT IT. I <3 this movie so much!

Con Report: Dragon*Con 2011

What a trip! Dragon*Con is easily the best convention I've ever attended. This year, Jon and I were joined by my best friend Magda, his best friend Al, our friends Tim (and his girlfriend Niven) and Oriana (and her girlfriend Rachel).

This year I shared my booth space with Magda ( and her leather masks. They were a huge hit and I'm very proud of her for taking a leap like that right into such a huge convention. :)

This year was especially emotional for me, because I got to meet the man who, at a young age, completely RUINED me for dragon art, Michael Whelan ( Magda was awesome and took over the booth so I could attended his 'talk about whatever' panel. The only panel I was willing to ditch the booth for. Afterward I made an idiot of myself when I asked him to sign the cover of one of the Pern novels (Which I only bought/kept because his art was on the covers since I really didn't care for them otherwise) and the pen didn't work. CRAP! But he was really sweet about it. And I was grateful. I really wanted to tell him how much his work meant to me and how it was a catalyst for my early interest in Fantasy Art which steered me toward my current carrier path. But all I managed to squeak out was something along the lines of "Thank you, I love your work...." and ran off. Why does my brain lock up at this convention?! It's like I suffer from childhood-hero-overload. D:

For the rest of the Con I was kinda kicking myself, but it was easy to find distractions. To name a few, the Jonathan Coulton concert, the trip to the Georgia Aquarium, midnight Walmart adventures and tabletop gaming in the basement of the Hilton. No, I'm not kidding... they set the up the tabletop gaming room in the basement. In my over-exhausted state I found this thoroughly amusing.

All in all it was a memorable time and I even ended up coming home with a bunch of extra prints buttons and bookmarks! So, if you have the time, go check out the Shop! :3